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Advanced Queue Management System

Advanced Queue Management System

Our Advanced Queue Management System is extremely effective and available in different models. The company shares glorious credentials with the renowned Importer, Supplier and Exporter of Advanced Queue Management System. The Advanced Queue Management Systems are accessible in diverse models with a 51 mm tube-taper base in stainless steel with 2 meter retractable tape and gold titanium finishing. We are capable of delivering bulk orders of the Queue Management Systems.

Types :
  • Single Band Booster
  • Dual Band Booster
  • Tri Band Booster
  • 3G/4G Booster

Features :
  • Widely demanded
  • Amplifies the signal
  • Offering accuracy and affordability
  • Compact in size
  • Highly reliable processor

Specifications :
  • Improve indoor cell phone communication, scope territory 200 sq
  • Unique LED level pointers, simple to discover base station
  • Built-in AGC circuit, free of impedance
  • Extend lifespan of PDA battery
  • 3 frameworks in 1 repeater (GSM, CDMA, & TDMA)
  • Easy to introduce