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Tower Monitoring System

Tower Monitoring System

For reliable Tower Monitoring Systems, you can contact us. We are nonpareil Importer, Exporter and Supplier of Tower Monitoring Systems. Based on advanced technology, our Tower Monitoring Systems are of immaculate quality. Rigorous quality checks of the Tower Monitoring Systems offered ensures that only defect free products reach the buyers. It reads energy measurement and status /shortcoming caution information at any cell tower station. Information procured and logged will be sent through GSM /GPRS / CDMA modems to a central server.

System will be activated in case of :
  • AC Power Fail
  • AC Power ON
  • BTS load switched over to Battery
  • Battery Voltage Low
  • Battery Voltage OK
  • Battery Not Connected
  • Temperature above limit
  • Temperature sensor not working
  • BTS Site Door Open
  • BTS Site Door Close

Characteristics :
  • Fully GSM based system:
  • Can work with any GSM mobile operator SIM
  • Alerts through SMS to 5 different users at a time and even on a computer GUI too
  • IP65/66 Enclosure
  • Very low running cost

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